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Touchpoints and Autism - Press releases, articles and testimonials

Besides the press releases and articles we have posted - we are lucky enough to have some clients who would like to share their stories with us.
Please take a moment to read on - these are some great good news stories!
Summer is 8 years old and has ASD and learning difficulties - her Mum was good enough to tell us more about how Touchpoints are helping. 
Summer suffers with anxiety when around younger children and the more boisterous children.  It got so bad at one point Summer would just run off if another child came close to her.  On one occasion at the bus stop - there were a few children gathered and Summer ran out onto the main road (luckily the car stopped and wasn't going very fast!) 
After this happened, I spoke to Summer's school and said that this issue needed sorting and sorting fast as she was putting herself in danger. In school, they had the same problems where she wouldn't walk past another child!! As you can imagine that's not great whilst in school. This situation was escalating! 
So speaking to a member of staff that deals with behaviour and anxiety in children there - she's sent me a letter saying she had been loaned Touchpoints and was I willing for Summer to try them at just school.  They use them for 20 mins a day and if she was in situations that they new she couldn't cope with.. immediately they noticed a difference with her.. she is much more calm and they where able to talk to her about what is going to happen, instead of her just darting off.....
One day they had the fire alarm trail and Summer had to walk past a group of children she was anxious about, she started getting upset and wouldn't walk past them.. she asked for the Touchpoints - the teacher put them on her and low and behold she walked passed them and lined up.
So cause they have made impression on me and the school - I decided to buy her a set.. best money ever spent!!!
Even if I don't know if she anxious or not, she will now just asked for me the Touchpoints.  She is like a different little girl!! She so living life at the moment!!
I can't say how much she has changed in her self the last 6 months. 
She wear touch points to parties, docs, dentist, play areas, and even hospital visits like the picture below:.



Raise Bay - a family orientated online blob - April 2019
Anne was also good enough to leave a Facebook post.
Anne Sweet - 9th April 2019
"My son has been using them in school and is getting on so much better. He's currently undergoing assessment for Autism and is already on the Special Education and Disability register at his school, His teacher told us that he was finding it difficult to concentrate in class. He was also having problems with the other children as he is very impatient and loses his temper quickly. After using Touchpoints for a few days he is already finding school much easier. He is concentrating more and told me yesterday that he'd made some new friends. This is a real breakthrough as he's been having problems at school ever since he was in Nursery. I even took him out of his last school and educated him at home for six months. We found this new school for him which seemed to be more understanding but he still needed extra help. His Touchpoints have been making a big difference already. I know he's using them because every day he comes home from school and puts them on charge".
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Sarah Rea - 29th March 2019
"I ordered touchpoint basic devices for my son who is undergoing an adhd/ autism diagnosis.
Firstly- I am so impressed that the devices came so quickly after ordering them (a couple of days) and before and after purchasing the devices I have been more than impressed.
My son suffers with anxiety to leave the house- which makes it a daily battle to get him anywhere, we know he is overstimulated by touch, sound, visually and smells. We have frequent meltdowns, lashing out and in public most people would look on thinking he is a very naughty defiant child.
It usually takes ages to get him settled to sleep at night.

I have had these devices less than 48 hours and am amazed to see the results we have had from my son, he was happy wearing them even wanting to take them to school today last night after school we went out to the park and blended in with the other children there...😄 we had no issues last night at bedtime!

As a Mum, I believe it made a huge difference already for my son.

Last week- I felt I had no option than to aim for medication from a Paediatrician. With these devices I have hope that that will no longer be necessary!!

And I have had these for less than 24 hours!"❤️