Sophia Pryce-Looijer

"We bought a set recently, and my two daughters have been using them. We saw a difference in their anxiety levels straight away. I'd describe it as not an all out cure, but it definitely takes the edge off, and has allowed them both to cope better through the school day. So highly recommended. So far my two daughters, one who has autism, and the other who has anxiety syndrome, are using them just a few minutes in the mornings before school. We have noticed a difference in them since we started using them. They are both calmer, our daughter with autism is just started to attend all lessons at school, and our other daughter is actually making friends. I don't think we can quite believe it yet, but there's no doubt it's improving their lives."

Dr. Jay Gattis, Psychologist

I met [Dr. Amy Serin] on a third floor balcony where I was experiencing my usual anxiety about heights and she demonstrated the TouchPoints to me and voila my anxiety was gone!  I was able to relax and enjoy the view of Santa Barbara. I was skeptical that this would generalize to more challenging situations but I've since been able to approach even higher balconies and very high cliff edges that I'd normally never get anywhere near no matter how many psychologist self-regulation skills I practiced!  I haven't experienced the usual sense of dread and that the ground is falling out from underneath me that I had before."

Elias Lawliet‎

I received a pair of TouchPoints as part of the scholarship program. I am a grad student who struggles with anxiety and who didn't have enough money to order my own pair. Because of your scholarship program, I was able to use TouchPoints to help with my anxiety and to help me sleep...a crucial thing for a grad student!! I am deeply grateful for your product and your generosity and I have let my friends use my TouchPoints as well. I recommend this company to everyone!! These products are absolutely wonderful!

Mitchell Barney

I'm a university student with Asperger's and have purchased the Touchpoint's back in March, and I find validity in what is written and am extremely happy I bought my touchpoints. I've been using them for a variety of things now, the biggest challenge was actually remembering to use them. They have to be the most life changing purchase I've made in a long time. They allow me to actually relax for a good long time when I want to as well as focus when I want to. I am able to make the choices to do these things. I have also made the choice to use the Touchpoint's instead of other options available for managing my anxiety. I've been using the Touchpoint's for the above mentioned and more and they do work for me. When I am not wearing the touchpoint's I wear a smartwatch, for me it is an apple watch, where I can have my calendar and to-do list visible when I need it. For me this adds more stress reduction as I can have my lists with me where I can easily access them at all times. I'm very satisfied with the results I see from the Touchpoint's and with my term starting Friday I do intend to use them with a higher emphasis on my education this term, as they have already improved what I can describe as quality of life.

Jennifer Evans

"My husband has PTSD. We got these for him at the recommendation of his therapist.  He can use them when he is feeling anxious out in public and none can tell. They help him tremendously with managing his anxiety.  So worth the money."

Michael Gismondi

For the last 24 hours, I have been exploring TouchPoints, and I am impressed, on several levels. Obviously, you have taken the well-known EMDR bi-lateral stimulation idea to some interesting new places. I was trained in EMDR (Levels 1 &2) in 1994 by Francine Shapiro herself. I was involved  with Bob Yourell with the first serious effort to develop (and to some extent, market)  bi-lateral sound in 1995. So, the idea is not new to me. And yet, I am taken by the elegance and clinical power of your approach. Starting tomorrow, I will be using this technology with appropriate clients and I will be writing up my thoughts and observations soon. Suffice it to say, the field was foolish, back in the mid 90s. not to follow up on the realization that the power of  programmable somatic/tactile bi-lateral stimulation was superior to all other modalities.

Kayla Busse

"Luciano is a profoundly gifted student who struggled last year to stay in his seat, focus during class and socialize appropriately with his peers. He was given TouchPoints to try and for the first time in his schooling career, he was actually able to sit for about a 30 minute period of time and completed a whole lesson on! A former teacher purchased a set of TouchPoints for Luciano to use during the school day and with their use, he has made drastic improvements in the classroom. He is learning how to use them appropriately, how to know when he should turn them on and off, etc. It's still a work in progress, but he is less apt to emotional breakdowns, has less outbursts towards his peers, and academically he is catching up as his behaviors in the past kept him from performing and learning at his true ability."

Candace Gilkerson

"My 8 year old son Eli has Autism and recently started using [TouchPoints™]. I was so excited to receive this on scholarship. The first time I handed him his [TouchPoints™] to have him get a feel for it, he literally started breathing deeper and he relaxed into his seat. It was kind of amazing. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product.I'm excited to continue to see how TouchPoints will benefit my son."

Angie Jenson

"We just got ours yesterday and my 10 year old son took them to school because he has been having lots of behavior problems in class when he gets anxious. He has Tourette Syndrome with ADHD, OCD, and anxiety.  We have the basic set and he was in charge of when to have them on. He really liked them and ended up having them on for a lot of the time. I was worried if there is a possibility he could over use them at school and if I should coordinate better with the teacher to regulate how much they are used. The good news is that we didn't have any meltdowns today! I am excited to see how they continue to work."

Cathy Kowalski

I ordered one pair to use with a client with anxiety. I had 2 adult staff people try them to give me feedback and get a baseline. They both reported increased focus, reduced anxiety and more energy at the end of a busy day. I am definitely ordering another.

Karen Sinnett

My 17 year old son has severe autism and very limited speech. He frequently suffered from extremely aggressive meltdowns that were very violent. His safety and our family's has been a major issue as he would simply lose control of himself and attack us and himself. Since implementing the use of TouchPoints his meltdowns have decreased considerably. He would have these severe meltdowns a couple times a week. Now he does not experience them as frequently. TouchPoints have helped him re-regulate himself to the point where he can last without a meltdown for about 2 weeks!!! He has had a few minor ones where he is stimming and jumping but falls way short from what he was before and he is not as aggressive. I would highly recommend these to try as it has been a godsend for us. So very grateful!!