Stress activates in milliseconds, turning on and off like a light switch hundreds of times a day.​

When we’re stressed, our brain processes a complex set of risk factors. From body sensations to our internal thoughts to circumstances in our external environment, our brain makes a rapid decision about how to react to the perceived threat.​ The threat could be external (we see a snake on our hiking trail) or internal (we miss a deadline at work and fear losing our job). This triggers our stress response to turn on instantaneously, shooting our adrenaline and cortisol levels through the roof.​

While this is a very good biological mechanism for survival, most of the time our lives are not at risk – this doesn't stop the light switch from still turning on, even when it doesn’t need to.

This ruins lives and ultimately challenges the status quo of the way we perceive stress. There is a solution! Advances in neuroscience have shown us that using bilateral stimulation can actually turn the light switch off just as easily as we turn it on. ​​

Help your clients today

Neuroscience shows that using BLAST technology in TouchPoints can actually turn the stress switch off without you having to breathe, meditate, or stop what you are doing.

Data from thousands of TouchPoints users confirms significant stress relief along with a relief in disturbing body sensations in just 30 seconds.  This groundbreaking research has been peer-reviewed, published, and dozens of global research projects are underway to examine the benefits of TouchPoints on cortisol levels, pain, focus, performance, attention, sleep, irritability, and quality of life.