CES 2018: Wearables & Mobile Devices for Health & Medical Applications 

What didn't you see at CES 2018? Even if you were there, you could not see it all. Alfred Poor, Editor of Health Tech Insider spent the week combing the exhibits, including the labyrinth that is Eureka Park. He also attended press-only events and had private meetings with executives from many major players in the wearable and mobile health tech device industry.

This 25-page report covers five major themes that emerged from this year's CES exhibits and events. Where is the industry making progress, and where is it falling short of expectations? And where are the best opportunities to be found?

The report also provides capsule profiles of 39 different companies and their products, including many that may not be on your radar yet!

*This report first appeared in the Health Tech Insider by Alfred Poor, Editor,Health Tech Insider. To read the full report, click here.