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Touchpoint Original Institutional Pack (10 Sets)

This institutional pack includes 10 sets of TouchPoints Original with accessories made for organizations interested in buying TouchPoints on a larger scale (schools, doctor's/therapist's offices, corporate offices, etc.) 

For more information please email Ask us about our additional price breaks for purchasing 50+ sets of TouchPoints!

Winner of 'Top 50 Most Innovative Products of 2017' by Innovation & Tech Today, TouchPoints, twin neuroscientific wearables, relieve stress at the touch of a button. TouchPoints use BLAST (Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation Tactile) technology in the form of gentle vibrations to alter your body's stress response without you even realizing it. They are worn on either side of the body preventatively or on-the-spot for 15 minutes before, during or after a stressful situation to relieve stress and improve performance and focus in real time. Case studies reveal TouchPoints can increase attention span by over 30% as well as increase work performance (higher patience and ability to implement details).

Our Edison award-winning TouchPoints™ Original model is app-controlled with nearly 300 customizable settings and six pre-settings (calm, focus, sleep, performance, anger, and cravings). 

This exclusive Institutional Pack includes: - 10 sets of TouchPoints™ Original (2 individual devices to be worn on each side of the body) - 10 sets of wristbands in black silicone ) - 10 sets of charging cables - TouchPoints™ app (both iOS and Android version available) - 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty Each of the ten sets is individually packaged with wristbands and charging cables.

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