Earn Commission as a Brand Ambassador

Whilst we have your attention we would like to tell you about our new Ambassadors scheme at Touchpoints.

We have a straight forward affiliate scheme where there is no discount from you for referrals but we are now offering Free Shipping (£15 off). You can earn 20% commission on a full price sale or 5% commission on a discounted sale when a client gets an organic saving - so you still earn if there is a promotion on the web site.

There is no commitment and it is there to use all the time, when find someone is interested or there is an opportunity to help some one with their stress and anxiety, then you can give them a link to the website sent especially from you and you will earn from it when they buy. So this is an ongoing opportunity without investing so much time from your side.

Here is the link:


You sign up in 5 minutes and the facility is always there when you need it.

For some really easy information on Touchpoints for potential users – please share the following social media links:


We hope to see your name on this scheme soon and that you begin earning straight away.