Increase Focus & 

Optimize Performance

Improve Focus and Concentration

While there are many things that can lead to lack of focus: depression, stress, tiredness (see TouchPoints for Sleep!), or just not wanting to do what you need to do. Whatever it is, success of any task relies on clear and consistent focus. But with so many things vying for our attention, it’s easier said than done. TouchPoints can help you get – and stay – on track. They use gentle, haptic, micro-vibrations to alter the brain's stress patterns and bring you back to logical, rational thinking which allows you to think more clearly and focus on the task at hand.

Increase Your Child's Ability to Focus

Focus and concentration are common struggles for kids, who often have trouble sitting still and ignoring distractions. This is especially true when it comes to paying attention in class, since the classroom is often full of distractions, from chatty classmates to a cluttered desk. TouchPoints for Kids can help filter out these distractions, helping the child to focus in class and concentrate on completing their schoolwork.

Achieve Optimal Performance

Stress can cause higher order thinking to shut down, which includes things like planning, organizing and maintaining control. These are the key elements that separate high performers – from the corporate boardroom to the football field - from one that crumbles under pressure. While being alert is good, being stressed can push you past the point of optimal performance. At the touch of a button, TouchPoints BLAST technology promotes this homeostasis by ensuring that you stay in that peak point between good and bad stress.

Research Study: Impact on Kids' Focus

Results of a double-blind placebo controlled study shows that using TouchPoints can reduce hyperactivity and improve focus. Tracking actual movements with a sensor on PEARSON’s Quotient device shows a real-time reduction while kids and teens are engaged in a task of attention and impulsivity while tracking their movements. 

The subject in the following study, a 13 year-old boy with ADHD, experienced improved engagement in an attentional task by over 50% and improved attention by 27% while using TouchPoints, meaning that during a 7-hour school day he could have 3.65 more hours of sustained attention with TouchPoints. His hyperactivity was improved from borderline deficient to the average range of functioning with TouchPoints.

How TouchPoints Work


Focus is derailed by a number of factors, both external and internal. Things that impair focus include distractions, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, depression or simply not wanting to do the task at hand. 


TouchPoints shift you from your body's “fight or flight” stress response to restore  calm nervous system functioning. This shift naturally helps you ignore distractions, increasing your focus and concentration.


When you use TouchPoints to shift your body's response to stress, the process creates long-lasting new behavior patterns which lessen the affect of the onset of factors that derail your focus over time.

TouchPoints for Calm

TouchPoints' for Calm are proven to improve focus and concentration. They use proprietary neuroscience BLAST technology uses gentle, alternating micro-vibrations to help you focus in seconds. 

Place your TouchPoints on wrists, in pockets, socks, palms or tank top straps when you need to focus or be at optimal performance and move your brain back into a state of calm at the push of a button. 

TouchPoints for Kids

TouchPoints are your new favorite parenting tool! TouchPoints' proprietary BLAST neuroscience technology uses gentle, alternating micro-vibrations to calm kids down in seconds. The perfect parenting hack - giving both you and your child much-needed peace of mind. 

Kids can wear TouchPoints on their wrists, in pockets, socks, palms or tank top straps. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

"After doing my research and testing the product, I am a true believer. I have bought several pairs for friends and family and I continue to use my Touchpoints daily. I find it gives me tremendous focus for much longer periods throughout the day and reduces my stress levels significantly. "

- Jim

"With my job, I often give big presentations to prospective clients. In the morning, while I practice running through the deck, I put my Touchpoints on the sleeves of my shirt to calm my nerves. They really have helped my focus and performance.

-Dustin Hoyman