There is a buzz about Buzzies. The media and the world are discovering BLAST technology, and are using Buzzies to sleep better, focus, perform better at work and manage stress. Buzzies are even helping people to manage Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. This week, Buzzies received a five star review from AutisMag, Buzzies Bands launched to give Buzzies users more options in style, Arizona Industries for the Blind received the spotlight for their work packaging and shipping Buzzies and The TouchPoint Solution announced its commitment to hiring local and sticking to principles of conscious capitalism.

Buzzies Review – How do they work for Autism, ADHD and Anxiety?

By Mary Alexa | AutisMas | March 21, 2017

Sometimes back, we reported the launch of Buzzies – by Arizona based startup, Touchpoint Solutions; an event that the media and critics hailed as a true ‘Game Changer’ in the field of neuroscience.

If you are wondering how do buzzies work and are keen to understand what this wearable product is all about, look no further.

Today, we will share a comprehensive Buzzies review and explain exactly how do Buzzies work for children and adults with Autism, ADHD, anxiety and depression. Read more...

Your Buzzies, Your Way

De-stress in style! The TouchPoint Solution’s sister website BuzziesBands gives you more options in customizing Buzzies to match your personality. BuzziesBands offers new wristbands in a variety of colors and sizes to accommodate preferences, size and age of Buzzies users. Watch BuzziesBands for even more options coming soon.

Visit to find your Buzzies style! 

Vendor Spotlight: Arizona Industries for the Blind

As part of the touch point solutions commitment to philanthropy and conscious capitalism, all Buzzies units are fulfilled by our partner Arizona Industries for the Blind, a government agency that employs individuals who are 100% legally blind. Read more...

The Touchpoint Solution's Buzzies Helps Boost Local Economy

The TouchPoint Solution, home of Buzzies*, is boosting the Arizona economy while helping people around the world to manage stress and anxiety.

“Buzzies change the way we interact with stress and live our day-to-day lives,” said Dr. Amy Serin, neuropsychologist, inventor and co-founder of Buzzies. Read more...