There is a buzz about TouchPoints. The media and the world are discovering BLAST technology, and are using TouchPoints to sleep better, focus, perform better at work and manage stress. TouchPoints are even helping people to manage symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. This week, Swaay Media and Fabulous Arizona featured TouchPoints inventor Dr. Amy Serin in their publications. And TouchPoints users reached out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share their experiences. 

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"To de-stress and keep me in an optimal performance zone, I use this technology when I’m having a stressful conversation, doing media interviews, speaking publicly, and if I have trouble going to sleep because my mind isn’t calm." -- Dr. Amy Serin, TouchPoints inventor | February 16

"Start with solid science and current practices and then innovate beyond that to provide the best patient care possible." -- Dr. Amy Serin, TouchPoints inventor | Fabulous Arizona February 15

"I received my TouchPoints on February 4th through the Scholarship program and I feel truly blessed... Let me put it this way....They help my Anxiety disorder, my PTSD, relax me noticeably before going to bed, and feel like a quality product. When I showed them to my Doctor I gave her the contact information and she said she was going to order a set for herself." -- Brett W. | Facebook