Ridding yourself of stress will make you more productive, successful and easy to be around. If you're feeling too wound up, here are 5 ways to quickly calm down:

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathing exercises are a simple, effective and convenient way to relieve the day’s stress. Make yourself comfortable by sitting or lying down. Start out with a normal breath and then try a slow, deep breath. Move the air coming in through your nose down into the lower belly, and let the abdomen fully expand. Breathe out through the mouth or nose, whichever feels most comfortable, and alternate between normal and deep breaths until you begin to experience calm.

Watch how it’s done on YouTube.

Take a Walk

Exercise in really any form can act as a stress-buster. Get up and get out for a quick walk down the street or wherever’s most convenient. Perhaps invite family or friends to join you and soak up the scenery. Not only will the exercise make you feel better, but a slow, leisurely pace will help to clear the mind.

Search TrailLink for walking trails near you.

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Art is one of many tools to help us break the cyclical, routine patterns of everyday life and provide us stress relief. If you want to relax and focus on the present, drawing or doodling is a great way to do so. The repetitive motion can put you in a meditative mindset and your quick creation may even invoke a sense of accomplishment.

Practice Guided Meditation

It’s no secret that mediation can be used for stress relief. With guided meditation, you don’t need to know how to meditate and all you need to do is listen. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes if you wish, and play a short guided meditation CD. Let your mind take you far away for a moment.

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Use the Latest Neurotech (EMDR Buzzers)

Decades of scientific and academic research on bi-lateral stimulation shows a significant reduction in stress using what are known as EMDR buzzers (AKA EMDR pulsers, EMDR tappers, tapper tools, tappers, tactile pulsers, and bilateral stimulation devices). Providing gentle, alternating micro-vibrations, this EMDR equipment quickly affects the brain and alters the body’s stress response to restore calm. Simply strap on two of the new TouchPoint tactile pulsers and begin to feel their calming vibrations. Within as few as 30 seconds, you may feel less stressed and ready to continue with your day.

Learn more about TouchPoint bilateral stimulation devices.