Use Cases List


TouchPoints™ offer a passive, non-invasive solution that may be more powerful that other methods in preventing nervous system hyperarousal in real-time. TouchPoints can be used in the classroom, at home, or during therapy sessions to attempt to reduce sensory hyperarousal for improved outcomes in children with ASD. 


TouchPoints™ not only increase attention span, but reduce stress and anxiety in as little as 30 seconds. Preliminary data shows that the bi-lateral alternating stimulation in tactile form may reduce the need for restless motor movements and may improve attention in some cases.


Our customers with PD have been increasingly reporting that using TouchPoints™ as the medication wears off can help with that anxiety and agitation, as well as lessen the severity of tremors while TouchPoints™ are on.


TouchPoints™ are the first ever wireless, therapist or patient controlled devices for tactile stimulation. They can be used safely by consumers or clients to reduce stress in real time and many therapists are encouraging clients to use this as an adjunct to in-office treatments.


For everything you do for your family, TouchPoints™ can give you the extra help you might not even know you need to help manage stressful situations at home. Each and every family member can benefit from using TouchPoints™. Take turns using TouchPoints™ to help get through stressful situations such as homework time and bedtime and to prevent meltdowns.


TouchPoints™ were created using a successful component of therapy used to help those with PTSD. TouchPoints™ can be used to manage panic attacks, prevent angry outbursts, reduce unhealthy cravings, and help them fall asleep or return to sleep if they wake in the nighttime.


TouchPoints™ utilize proven Bi-lateral Alternating Stimulant Tactile (BLAST) technology to help you fall asleep. Proven to physically block the body’s stress response, BLAST technology can increase parasympathetic activity when used minutes before sleep.

Test Anxiety:

TouchPoints™ are a neuroscientific wearable that helps alleviate stress so that your test performance doesn't have to suffer. Wear them before your big exam to ease your nerves and since they're so discrete, you can even wear them during your test to help you focus.


TouchPoints™ will become your new best friend through your wedding planning journey and are a must-have for nervous brides and grooms on their big day. In fact, the whole wedding party from mother of the bride to bridesmaids can benefit from this discrete wearable.

Doctor Anxiety:

Nervous about going to the doctor or dentist? You're not alone. Wearing TouchPoints™ on the way to your appointment can help you relax and put you in a calm state of mind. You can even wear them during your appointment to keep you at ease.