Over the first two months that Cecilia's grandson used TouchPoints, his family and educators noticed changes in his behavior. Read what Cecilia has to say about TouchPoints:

"I`m so so excited. I purchased 2 sets of TouchPoints in January this year, for my 8 year old grandson.  He is a very smart young guy...math, spelling,etc.  But I`d noticed 'issues' with him starting at about 18 months old. Long story short....parents took him to several Drs. and Easter Seals.  Main problem was said to be ADHD, anxiety and sensory perception issues.  Received the TouchPoints in mid/late Feb.  He had an IEP meeting at school today (grade 3)...good results: behavior improved to 78%, which was huge!!!

When he first started using them, when asked how they made him feel...he said 'happy.'"