The data are in! Statistical analysis of 597 TouchPoints User data show statistically significant reductions in both stress and body sensations related to stress after 30 seconds of use. 


The new data show a 71 percent reduction in reported stress levels, and a 62 percent reduction in body sensations related to stress. “These findings are exciting because as more people try TouchPoints, our sample sizes increase and we can ensure that TouchPoints' positive effects are being enjoyed by more and more people.” Says Dr. Amy Serin, neuropsychologist and inventor of TouchPoints. “When you have scientific findings, replication is an important step in making sure you didn’t have findings that were just by chance.”  TouchPoints data show that the odds of TouchPoints positive effects have a less than 1 in 100,000 odds of being by chance rather than a true effect. “You don’t get these kind of results with snake oil or a placebo effect,” said Dr. Serin.