How Pulling An All-Nighter Affects Your Body At Age 20 Versus Age 25

Co-founder & CSO Dr. Amy Serin shares her nighttime tips..

While you should try your best not to make a habit of staying up all night, Dr. Amy Serin, licensed clinical neuropsychologist and president of The Arizona Neuropsychological Society, has a few tips for both 20- and 25-year-olds looking to be productive after a sleepless night.

For instance, if you're a 20-year-old college student sacrificing sleep in order to cram for an upcoming exam, Dr. Serin says to remember how much information you can retain if you absorb it just before bedtime.

She tells Elite Daily,

Study for several nights right before you go to bed, and extend your bedtime just 30 minutes so you still get adequate sleep.

You retain information right before you go to sleep. So if you want to remember what you study, it's best to review before sleep, rather than doing it during the day and then surfing social media before bedtime.

As for 25-year-olds burning the midnight oil to meet a work deadline, Dr. Serin advises,

Make sure you review your work more than is typical, because you'll be more likely to make mistakes during an all-nighter session.

Make the following day easy, and say no to anything extra you don't have to do.

Get your sleep back on track as soon as possible, and if your job requires working at all hours because of unrealistic deadlines, consider if it's worth your long-term health.