Rent Touchpoints for 3 Months for just £25 per month

Touchpoints are a great tool for helping regular families cope with regular challenges in life.

We all know it is a balancing act to put food on the table, cloth our kids alongside paying the bills - It seems like it has never been tougher than at the moment.

We hear from so many people about the difference that Touchpoints are making in their lives - but we know there are some who need some help to try our devices.

So we want to do what we can and have been inspired by the random acts of kindness we have seen lately.

We have decided to loan out a number of our sets on a 3 month basis, so you can try the devices on a rental agreement basis.  

Simply place your order for a set of the Touchpoint for Calm version in either Black Large or Black Small wristband size - use our sizing tool to help you choose.  As a rule - large for adults and small for kids will be a good guide.

So how does it work?

Make your order online and a member of our team will contact you to discuss the terms of the agreement. It will consist of us holding your details on our system in the usual way.  You pay £75 up front and your Touchpoints will be shipped out the next day. 

Terms of Agreement

The initial agreement is for 3 months, at the end of this period you will be required to either:

Return the Touchpoints (customer pays return postage) which will signal the end of the agreement.  

Extend your agreement on a month by month rental basis at £25.00 per month - this payment will be requested via a special website link sent for you to complete at the time of expiry.

Or, complete your purchase to buy the devices outright at a preferred rate at the end of the initial 3 month period.

If your family needs a bit of help try Touchpoints for 3 months and see how they can help to change the lives of everyone in your household.

*Please note - If the Touchpoints are lost or damaged beyond repair, then the customer with be required to pay £60.00 to Touchpoint Europe under the terms of this agreement.  Your rental Touchpoints are covered by the same level of customer care experienced by fellow Touchpoint users - any problems - you are covered.