Stop Stress In Its Tracks

You’re late for an important meeting and everyone’s waiting. Suddenly, you can’t think straight. Your heart’s beating fast and you’re getting a headache. Your muscles tense, you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck and you just got real cranky. It’s called stress, and it’s a growing issue for people around the world.

Stress and anxiety translate external situations into internal reactions – both physical and mental. And they can be debilitating. They not only affect the now – with all the above impacts and more – but can have a long-term impact on your health and life expectancy.  All these reasons and more are why we are excited to tell you about TouchPoints, the revolutionary approach to managing stress and anxiety.

Research-Proven: 74% Reduction in Stress in 30 Seconds

The data showed that within just 30 seconds of using TouchPoints, people experienced a 74% reduce in their stress levels and a 68% reduction in body sensations related to stress. This data combined with our archived data suggest that there is a consistency in offering users significant relief from physiological and psychological stress in about 30 seconds. 

Impact of TouchPoints on Stress


TouchPoints immediately reduce the debilitating body sensations caused by stress like increased heart rate, headaches, upset stomach, muscle tension, chest pain, dry mouth and insomnia.


TouchPoints shift you from your stress-induced “fight or flight” sympathetic nervous system to your logical, peaceful parasympathetic nervous system, calming you down and helping you to think clearly.


When you use TouchPoints to shift your body's response to stress, the process creates long-lasting new behavior patterns which lessen the affect of the onset of stress over time.

TouchPoints for Calm

TouchPoints' for Calm are proven to decrease stress. They use proprietary neuroscience BLAST technology uses gentle, alternating micro-vibrations to help you focus in seconds. TouchPoints' proprietary neuroscience BLAST technology uses gentle, alternating micro-vibrations to calm you in seconds. 

Place your TouchPoints on wrists, in pockets, socks, palms or tank top straps when you feel anxious or overwhelmed and move your brain back into a state of calm at the push of a button. The perfect life hack for busy people on the go!

What Our Customers Are Saying

"When I heard about TouchPoints, I was skeptical - until I got in a car accident. I was rear-ended on a major highway, and my car was totaled. If you've ever been in an accident before, you know your adrenaline shoots through the roof. Thankfully we were both OK, just shaken and scattered. Within minutes I grabbed my TouchPoints and watched my hands as they stopped shaking. The tightness in my stomach began to loosen and I was able to calm my mind enough to think logically about what to do next: call 911 and get off the road. After our cars were moved and the police report was written, I gave the TouchPoints to the other person and watched him calm down both physically and mentally. TouchPoints are worth the investment and the customer service team is always helpful and supportive."

 - Kimberly 

I have used TouchPoints for a few weeks now and I have to say that they have really changed my life for the better. I suffer from severe anxiety with panic attacks, naturally high stress, and clinical OCD. TouchPoints have really helped ease my anxiety and helped to control my compulsions. I recommend them to anyone with who is just looking for relief from the never-ending struggle of severe anxiety. I have the Basic model, and I love that I can just switch them on and instantly use them as soon as I feel anxious or stressed! I also got them with the stainless steel mesh bands and it's nice that I can use them discretely underneath my clothing with no struggle! I rate these an 11/10 for sure! 

- Carina