Touchpoints can improve mental wellbeing for all

Touchpoints can help so many people to improve their lives by simply changing the way we manage stress and anxiety.
The devices can be worn by young and old - in the home, school or work place.  They can be worn by patients and activated by carers or used in therapy sessions too - non-invasive they are perfectly safe to use buy all those in need.  The devices are so versatile everyone can benefit and experience good mental health.

If you are a stressed out busy parent, the breadwinner who needs to commute and work long hours or the child with special learning or ability need -
stress and anxiety are universal, but you can chose to experience life with less overwhelming consequences by choosing Touchpoints.

We know that there is much more you want to learn about Touchpoints - so we thought it would be good to share some examples of where Touchpoints have helped people just like you in our case studies below.

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Case Studies


Encyclopaedia of uses

If you have a specific condition or are interested to see more situations where Touchpoints can help please visit our encyclopaedia of uses:



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