Friends of Touchpoint Europe

Here at Touchpoint Europe we would love to share some of our friends with you.

We are looking to build our very own positive wellbeing community to help everyone live life well with as little stress and anxiety as possible.

Let us introduce you to our friends.

Touchpoints in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

If you are looking to buy Touchpoints in Austria, Germany and Switzerland we have a dedicated supplier in these countries so you can shop local!

Please visit our friends at Mindtecstore and they will be happy to help you with your order.

Touchpoints in Singapore

If you are looking to find Touchpoints in Singapore then please visit our dedicated supplier at All orders in are shipped free of charge on a tracked service within Singapore


For those looking for ways to live 'naturally' well, checkout some of our friends websites...

Reboot Health

First we have Reboot Health's founder Sara Davenport. Sara is a health advocate and Founder of national breast cancer charity, Breast Cancer Haven. Sara will be pleased to welcome you to her website and blog.  Sara has written a number of books on physical and mental health, as well as a great review of Touchpoints for her readers.

Click the image below to head to the website and read more about the great work she does:



Drinking water and staying hydrated are key to good health - our friends at BeWater take this a stage further by creating unique, re-usable water bottles with gemstone crystals sparkling at their core.  Lets here some few words from them:

"Few of us really understand the extent to which we can improve our health and wellbeing with water. It’s time to fall in love with water!"

"Every throwaway plastic bottle takes hundreds of years to decompose; this creates a huge global environmental crisis. Landfills, oceans and landscapes around the world are choked with single use plastic bottles. The annual production of these bottles also uses a vast amount of energy, adding to the problem of global warming".

"Do your part for our gorgeous planet today by using a responsibly produced re-usable bottle!"

"Placing gemstones in or around water is a practice that has its roots stretching back thousands of years. There are theories that suggest that this changes the structure and taste of the water. This tradition continues today in holistic health circles".

You can find out more at the website by clicking the image below:


Namibian Secrets

Taking care of yourself is paramount - our friends the bees can help us to do this.

Namibian Secrets offer some natural and organic beauty products and more made with bees wax from their very own bees (and the honey is amazing too!).  Let Touchpoints help you on the inside and let these guys help you on the outside!

Click on the logo to be redirected to the website:


For Therapists....

You are likely to use the bi-lateral stimulation technology in your work.  If you are a healthcare professional with EMDR equipment needs then please feel free to check out EMDR Equipment Europe.

Developed by experts, produced by specialists. The equipment is produced with quality and precision, tailored for your needs.

All parts can be bought separately or as a set and sets come with attractive discounts.  Touchpoint Europe have exhibited across the world at professional conferences.  Click on the logo to find out more:



Staying with EMDR practitioners we would like to introduce our therapist clients to Training, Workshops and More.  This group brings national and international experts in their field close to you. They also create a network of accessible and sustainable resources related to your work.   They provide a range of expert trainings, workshops and more, all with Continual Professional Development (CPD) points and certificate of completion included.  Click on the logo below to find out more:


Therapists embracing Touchpoints. 

We support therapists across Europe where Touchpoints are being used as a compliment to continued face to face EMDR as well as the essential home use too for stress and anxiety management.

Larry O'Reilly has been a keen supporter of Touchpoints and is aSenior Counsellor/Psychotherapist andClinical Supervisor with specialist experience insomatic trauma therapy,complex addiction and with extensive experience working with more vulnerable young people and adults.
Larry isEMDR Europe accredited practitioner and facilitates both residential and non-residential intensive therapy programs for adults adolescents and children.  Find out more about Larry and his work by clicking the image below:



Trauma Aid UK is a registered charity set up to provide training in traumatology and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) to local mental health professions in countries affected by trauma through war, natural disasters and other mass traumatic experiences.  This is a great cause and we are happy work alongside the organisation at professional conference home and abroad.

Click the logo to read more on their website:

We will have more friends joining us soon - in the meantime, we hope you enjoy finding out more about our friends!