Many therapists around the world use TouchPoints™ in their offices, for themselves, and encourage their clients to use them as a adjunct to in-office treatments.

TouchPoints do not have to be in hands or touching skin. TouchPoints™ work in pockets, socks, or even clipped to clothing. So now you can work with your patients while their hands are free if you’d like.

Concerned about dissociation? In 2018 alone, people have reached for TouchPoints over 1 Million times in non-therapeutic settings as a general stress reducer with no reported incidences of increased dissociation.

The patent-pending BLAST technology in TouchPoints is backed by decades of scientific and academic research on bilateral stimulation that shows significant reduction in stress with use. As the image below depicts, TouchPoints' BLAST technology rapidly reduces excess beta wave activity in the brain which is associated with stress.

Wendy Moyer, LMFT, EMDR CERTified therapist

Michael Gismondi

J. Mark Mash, PhD

Emily Cherny

Cathy Kowalski