There is a buzz about TouchPoints. The media and the world are discovering BLAST technology, and are using TouchPoints to sleep better, focus, perform better at work and manage stress. TouchPoints are even helping people to manage symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. This week, InBusiness Magazine featured TouchPoints, Dr. Amy Serin wrote about the benefit of using Touchpoints before bed and TouchPoints enthusiast Susan Brown shared her story. 

Stress Relief where Tech and Healthcare Intersect

By Mike Hunter | inBusiness Magazine 

"Although TouchPoints have been shown to be beneficial for autistic children, gifted children, children with ADHD, working professionals, first responders and parents who want a cost-effective solution to help diminish stress in real-time, the technology is designed to work for anyone."

Sleep-O-Nomics- Improved Sleep Could Equal Better Productivity and Pay

By Dr. Amy Serin | The Serin Center

"To ensure that I fall asleep quickly rather than tossing and turning while my thoughts run amok, I use TouchPoints for a few minutes before bed."

Susan's Story

By The TouchPoint Solution and Susan Brown

"I’ve personally witnessed it break the back of a panic attack during a meeting with uncooperative college administrators, I have seen him start his school day from a calm and centered place, I’ve heard him tell me when he used them for the first time ever at a final, he never felt so calm and focused in his life.”