Blue Light Glasses - to wear in conjunction with Touchpoints

Our blue blocker glasses are fitted for maximum comfort and paired with a neutral appearance, make these the choice for everyone looking to protect themselves from harmful blue light both indoors and outdoors.

Blue light blocking glasses bring you excellent visual protection, you can use these glasses at home, in the office and even in bed.  It is t is perfect gift for yourself, family, friends to help give your eyes some respite from the effects of using devices in our modern world.


Put on 1 hour before bed to reduce the amount of blue light perception. Blue light blocks the ability's body to produce melatonin which is critical for a good night's sleep.

Used in conjunction with Touchpoints they make for a winning combination to help you get a good night's sleep.


Weight: 32g
Bridge: 15mm
Lens Width: 50mm
Lens height: 45mm
Frame width: 143mm
Leg Length: 145mm
Frame Colour: Clear
Lens Colour: Clear
Lens material: Resin
Frame Material: ABS Plastic