Restoring Lifestyle Balance Naturally

Finding balance amidst the chaos of life can be a struggle for many, and often leaves us feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. In today’s “always on” environment, the lines between our professional, personal and family life become blurred and it’s normal to be juggling many activities at once. This can lead to feeling unbalanced mentally and can put a strain on our physical, mental and emotional health.

If you’re feeling unsettled, here are three easy things you can do to restore balance, calm your mind and reset your mood.

# 1. Plan and Prioritise

Create clear day-to-day goals and prioritize your tasks. You should start and end your day with a ‘to-do’ list. Write down all the tasks that need to be completed, then number them in the order in which you must complete them. This way you can visually see your progress which is rewarding, and urgent work gets done first which takes away pressure and stress. Also, focusing on one thing at a time means your output will be less scattered and more efficient.

#2. Practice a Healthy Lifestyle

There are three main areas that contribute to your daily fuel and mood. Sleep, Exercise, and Food.

Establish a bedtime and morning routine.Finding something that works and allows you your 7-9 hours of sleep every night is essential. Lack of sleep increases unnecessary stress.

Top tip: Avoid using electronic devices that emit blue light as these decrease your level of melatonin, the hormone associated with sleep. (Find out more about our top sleep tips here).

Make time for exercise. Any physical activity decreases overall tension, lifts and stabilizes your mood, and improves your self-esteem. Healthy physical body aides your mental health.

Eat a balanced diet.This is fundamental to your wellbeing; it helps to maintain a healthy body weight, gives your body and mind the energy to work efficiently, promotes good sleep and will prevent your chances of getting diseases and infections, which can heavily impact your lifestyle balance.

#3. Make time for fun and relaxation

Make time every day to do things that you love or try new things till your find something you enjoy.A bit of ‘Me’ time every day helps build your self-esteem as you are giving yourself appreciation and personal attention.

Use natural Aromatherapy balms for when you need to reset your mood. For more than 6000 years people have been using Aromatherapy to heal the body and mind. The use of essential oils, usually found in natural aromatherapy, is an age-old tradition that has the ability to trigger emotional and mental responses from the brain and physical reactions in the body. Aromatherapy balms have many uses and can be used in all areas of our lives: to relax and sleep, or to wake up and focus.

Aromatherapy can be customized to fit your needs depending on what you need by blending different types of essential oils. Mint and Rosemary can help you beat fatigue, and Lavender and Chamomile are proven to promote better sleep.

Scentered offer six different 100% natural therapy balms and candles, all designed to help you restore your mood and promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Apply your balms to pulse points (wrists, behind ear and temples) wherever and whenever you’re feeling like you need a pick me up, feeling anxious, or just need that moment of calm.

Through the introduction of their ritual of Stop. Inhale. Reset, at the heart of the brand, Scentered allows you to take a moment for yourself, reset your mood and transform the way you feel. You to can embrace this ritual by stopping whatever you’re doing in your day, apply your balm, inhaling deeply and resetting your mood. You’ll breath renewed positivity into your busy lifestyle and help you to restore your lifestyle balance naturally.

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