2e - Dyslexia, ASD (and Buzzies), and More - By J Mark

DYSLEXIA SCREENING IN OREGON. A recently-enacted law in Oregon requires that every student in kindergarten and first grade be screened for dyslexia, with the aim of implementing early intervention if needed. Other recent legislation in the state addresses teacher training for dyslexia. The Bulletin says that Decoding Dyslexia Oregon pushed for the legislation -- another example of good grass-roots advocacy, we say. Read more.

THE BUZZIES. Fox News in Wisconsin reports on a doctor -- and mom of 2e children -- who invented a device using bilateral stimulation to "interfere with your body's stress response" and make it possible for children with autism to focus better. A set of Buzzies consists of two devices, one worn on each side of the body. Find the article. Find a site that sells Buzzies. (Caveat: We have no first-hand experience with Buzzies; do your own due diligence. 😐 )

SMARTKIDS WITH LEARNING DISABILITIES offers "6 great gifts for children with LD and ADHD." But these are not "traditional" gifts. Find out more.

TiLT PARENTING offers Episode 37 in its podcast series, this one about girls on the autism spectrum and featuring a behavioral and educational consultant. From the preview: "In our conversation we talk about what high-functioning autism looks like in girls, the importance of letting kids in on their diagnoses as early as possible, why schools are missing catching autism in girls, and what the real challenges are for girls versus boys with the same diagnoses—low self-esteem." Find the podcast.

NEED A SECTION 504 PRIMER? Wrightslaw devotes a recent issue of Special Ed Advocate to Section 504, "the federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities." As Wrightlaw notes, "Compliance is not optional." Find Special Ed Advocate.

THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE is on Facebook, of course. (And Twitter, and Instagram.) Social media mavens can find the Facebook site here. It's a great resource for families and for educators. The website is here.